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Radio advertising rates, cost, pricing and endorsed radio ad spots available here. Lowest rates, remnant and wholesale advertising deals are available here. To get a free advertising media plan or to reach our ad sales team and media planners and media buyers call 888-449-2526.

Radio stations make money selling airtime to advertisers by putting radio advertisements on the air.  Radio “spots” are available when a business or service pays cash in exchange for the radio station or radio network for national media buys, playing their ad mentioning them on air. To advertise call 888-449-2526.


In 1919 radio stations began to broadcast continuously, similar to the modern practice. In the United States, on November 2, 1920, KDKA Pittsburgh became the first radio station to receive a commercial license from the government (FCC).

Advertise on all major news and news talk radio shows on national networks or on radio stations in any market. Low spot rates and the best political advertising rates for candidates and issues available here.  Advertise during morning drive time, afternoon drive time and get live reads, voiced reads – talent and host endorsement also. Plus – your ads can be placed  on all of the big syndicated radio host shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey. Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Delilah, Kim Kommando, and many more across the land (Some exceptions may apply – On Approved offers only) Also, we place advertising campaigns on  online streaming radio too. National and local campaigns are okay – small budgets are okay also! Give us a try!

In February 1922, AT&T announced it would begin selling “toll broadcasting” to advertisers, in which businesses would underwrite or finance a broadcast, in exchange for being mentioned on the radio.

During radio’s golden age, advertisers sponsored entire programs, usually with some sort of message like “We thank our sponsors for making this program possible”, airing at the beginning or end of a program. To advertise call 888-449-2526.

The radio industry has changed significantly since that first broadcast in 1920, and radio is big business today.

While other media and new technologies consume our time, 95% of people still listen to the radio every week. Internet radio listening is also growing, with nearly 50% percent of the U.S. population listening to radio by satellite with Sirius/XM or online with Pandora, iHeart radio and many more. Most are funded by commercial radio ads, subscriptions and using graphics and display advertising in the mix. 92 percent of listeners stay tuned in when commercials break into their programming.

There are a broad range of choices for radio listeners. And today better production technologies, the mode of commercial presentation has changed, and commercial advertisements can take on many forms. The two main types of radio ads are “live reads” and produced spots.

Produced spots are more common. A spot is ‘produced’ if the radio station or by having a producer or an advertising agency record it for the client.

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Radio stations run advertising in clusters or sets, scattered throughout the broadcasting hour. Studies show that the first or second commercial to air during a commercial break has higher recall than those airing later. We target those locations for our clients whenever possible. To reach our ad sales team and media planners and media buyers call 888-449-2526.

Nielsen Audio is primary providers for ratings today. Many radio stations and ad agencies subscribe to get access to the numbers.

The numbers can show who is listening to a particular station, the most popular times of day for listeners in that group, and the percentage of the total listening audience that can be reached with a particular ad schedule. The numbers show approximately how many people are listening at each 15 minute segment (AQH) in any hour of the day. This allows advertisers to choose the most listened to stations in the market and tells them what times of day will be the best times to run their ads.

The cost of radio advertising also varies on how well the media buyer negotiates with the broadcaster. During busy times of the year, stations can often sell out of ads entirely as radio stations only have a limited number of spot times or “units” available per hour. So having an experienced media buyer can be a real advantage – and often the cost for a media buyer “fee” is paid by the radio entity so the advertisers get professional help for free. The stations also prefer dealing with pros as it cuts time and effort on their part. It’s a win-win!

Advertising rates will vary depending on time of year, day parts and how well the station does in the target demographic.

Rates also vary depending on the length of spot you run. Sixty second spots are the most common. Stations also sell thirty’s and fifteen second intervals.

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More than eight out of ten Americans feel listening to commercials in exchange for free radio is a “fair exchange”. Plus, radio advertising offers the advantage of being localized and inexpensive in comparison with other mediums such as television. Studies show that radio ads create emotional reactions, so consumers perceive the ads as more relevant.

Live or host endorsed spots create a personal relationship with their listening audience, and the audience is more likely to trust what they hear and respond to the advertisers message Live endorsements are growing in popularity, as advertisers seek new means to reach consumers and cut through the clutter.

To reach our ad sales team and media planners and media buyers call 888-449-2526.